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Why Don’t We Remember What We Dream Of?

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As much as we think that most nights we do not dream, we have about 5 dreams a day, but have you ever wondered why we forget minutes after waking up? Or even why don’t we remember them at all?

There are different theories about the reasons that make dreams remember. On the one hand, there is Freud’s theory of repression, which says that our dreams are desires that we have and that, if we do not remember them, it is because our brain blocks them.

Other theories hold that dreams are often forgotten because they are not interesting or because what we dream of is not comprehensible by our brain.

But according to studies published by the Scientific Eye portal, dreams are not remembered because when human beings are dreaming, they are said to be in the “Rem phase”. At this time, the waves that our brain emits make it difficult to process information, so that we can vaguely remember what we dream, but not with total accuracy.

The area of ​​the brain related to dreams is the same as the cognitive area. It has been seen that when the EEG showed a slight oscillatory pattern during REM, it was when people remembered what they had dreamed of.

To have a memory, we first need to form it in the hippocampus and then it moves to other parts of the brain, especially the neocortex. This synchronization disappears during sleep, so it is very difficult for us to remember what we dream.

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