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Why Do We Cry When We Are Happy?

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Life is full of pleasant experiences, and others that are not so much. However, why when we witness or receive news that should be good does it cause us to cry? Really, are these tears a negative reaction?

According to a study carried out by Yale University, this contradictory reaction has a quite logical origin: its objective is to maintain emotional balance, through having some feelings under control.

Biological intelligence

The psychologist Oriana Aragón, leader of the research, through another article published in the journal Psychological Science, points out that this self-defense mechanism of the brain can also be seen exemplified in nervous laughter, which occurs at a time that is experienced excessive stress or sadness.

When it is felt that sadness or joy is reaching a limit that cannot be handled physiologically, the body unleashes an incongruous emotion that aims to balance, “says Aragon.

This theory is supported in the context that “happiness lasts a few moments.” Which is reality, according to social psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky of the Active and Healthy Life Symposium of the Latin American Scientific Series.

For Lyubomirsky, human beings have a great capacity for “hedonistic adaptation”, which consists of getting used to everything positive that happens to us. For this reason, happiness lasts only two years.

Now that you know what motivates crying when you are happy, you will no longer be surprised to see it by giving pleasant news to those you love. Take care!

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