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Do Not Wait For Tomorrow, Make Your Future Today.


You will rarely find the words ‘youth’ and ‘today’ used in the same statement, at least not positively. What you will hear a thousand and one times however, is that we (the youth) are the leaders of tomorrow. For some strange reason this aphorism that is supposed to be a spur of hope has become an incapacitating curse. We have had our eyes so much fixated on the future (where we will supposedly be leaders) that we have lost touch with our present. We have come to gradually assume that we cannot live meaningfully in the present.



We have said much in our defense. We have blamed the leaders of the day and repeatedly mentioned how they do not create enough job opportunities for us. We have even turned our pointing finger to society and belabored how we and our great ideas are often misunderstood. We have even expressed how exhausting the burden of expectation is on our shoulders. Yet nobody seems to pay attention.



Feeling unwanted and frustrated we have drawn ourselves from society and lost ourselves to the comfort of our cliques, consolation of the music in our earphones and the silence of the darkness in our minds. Detached from everything we have become debris of life tossed about to the liking of our depression. As such it always feels as if we are always just a step from the edge.



I feel we, I am one of us, if that even makes sense. We just want to get ourselves a life. We do not wish to trouble anyone. We want to love endlessly. We want to bring forth our various great talents and share them with the world. We want to create, bring forth inventions never seen before. We want to change our societies, lift them from the muddle of hatred, corruption, tribalism and offer equal opportunities for all. We want to have a voice and be taken seriously. We just want to be. The only thing holding us back is the curse – we have to wait to be leaders tomorrow to get our voice in matters of society and have our chance. But what if we just break the damn curse and just be?



Yes, my friends we can break the curse of the future while we are still young. It will even amaze you more that we already have all that we need to break this curse.



Somewhere the curse of the future states that we have to be understood by the society and supported by everyone to eventually start living our ideals. The truth is that provided we know what we are about and what we want to make of our lives being understood by the society or anyone else for that matter becomes like a stereo in a car, something nice but not necessary.



Therefore my friend while you are still young, start working on that idea that you have always had. Get up and start working on that project you have postponed for ages. Rise and bring into life that business idea you have always had with your friend. Stop saying you do not have this or that and just get started with what you have. Get started and keep going, those who really care will catch up.



Elsewhere the curse of the future states that in the present we cannot amount to much, we have to wait for our chance in the future. The truth is that the future is today, that which we do not work to bring forth today will definitely not be in our tomorrow.



Therefore my friend while you are still young, start making your future a reality today. If you want to mitigate the effects of climate change in the world tomorrow, starting by planting trees today. If you want more love in the world tomorrow, start by loving yourself and your neighbors today. If you want a more inclusive society tomorrow, start by appreciating the diversity in your neighborhood today. If you want better leadership tomorrow, start by electing better leaders today. If you want to eliminate corruption tomorrow, start by being honest and transparent with yourself today for today is the inevitable foundation of tomorrow.



Somewhere the curse of the future states that we do not have the requisite resources to bring our ideas into life and make our dreams a reality in the present. The truth is that we are endowed with unlimited ability to influence our lives even in the present.



While you are still young therefore expend you energy wisely. Do not waste it hating and bringing others down. Again quit complaining about problems that you can provide solutions for. Spend your immense energy working on your ideas and making your dreams a reality. Pay keen attention to how you spend your time. Avoid using it in such way that it causes you to retrogress or lose your peace of mind.



Remember always that your mind is a resource like no other. Empower it with the truths of life and free it from the grips of half-truths and falsehoods. Do not poison it with negativity lest you turn it against yourself. Use it as a tool to explore your world but do not blind it with careless assumptions. Sharpen it through communion with minds of the very best and use its creative power to bring forth solutions.



More importantly pay attention to your intuition and let it be your guide as you pursue excellence. Do not cloud it with the rigidity of the knowledge of the mind.



The curse of the future also states that we do not have the voice that we need to influence the society. The truth is that having influence over ourselves is enough influence to have a voice in the society. You do not therefore have to convince everyone of the greatness of your ideas or dreams for you to start working towards making them a reality. You just need to convince yourself enough to get started.



Wait no longer therefore my friend. Your conviction in your ideas and dreams is enough to carry you through. Again those who really care, will find a way to catch up.



While you are still young allow the creativity of your mind to carry you to distant worlds. Allow yourself to get buoyed by your dreams and visions of a better world. Allow your naivety and inexperience to make you believe in the impossible. Allow your fearlessness and love of fun to lead your adventures. Allow yourself to love, fail and get hurt. Allow time to elude you as you labor hard to make your ideas a reality. From time to time engage with others who share in your beliefs and values and enrich your mind with ideas of the great.



While you are still young, do not let anyone diminish your value. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve your dreams or bring your ideas to life. Do not let your intuition get drowned by the noises of others. Do not let anyone bring you down. Do not let fear diminish your ability to see the world in a way that others cannot. Do not let the expectations of others make you doubt your truths and beliefs.



The future is now, it is up to you make of it what you wish.

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