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Top Reasons to Consider a Hotel Barge Cruise

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River cruises are fast becoming a popular way for travellers to explore new destinations, and for good reason. They offer an intimate and hassle-free experience for people of all ages. On their trip, guests will realise the luxuries of time and flexibility; they will be granted the freedom to explore areas at their own pace whilst having their every need taken care of by a dedicated on-board crew.

If this is not already reason enough to consider this type of holiday for your next adventure, this article compiles five top reasons to take to the water on a hotel barge cruise.

Private Experiences

A hotel barge cruise offers an unmatched private experience. Oftentimes passengers on large cruise ships will feel lost in huge crowds of people and there is little opportunity to make close connections with staff and it is practically impossible to enjoy peace and privacy. A barge holiday could not be more different – these river boats are perfect for small groups or families who are looking for a more intimate holiday. The crew will soon become friends, and before long guests will be creating memories to last a lifetime with their loved ones.

Luxury Accommodation

Barges may be small, but do not be deceived – they are usually equipped to the highest standards with charming decoration and comfortable living quarters. These vessels are, to all intents and purposes, a villa on water and a true home away from home. Guests will undoubtedly live the life of luxury on their river boat holiday.

Relaxed Pace

River boats glide slowly and calmly along waterways, allowing guests time to truly appreciate their surroundings. In contrast to large cruises where many of the views are of the vast open sea, on a hotel barge cruise travellers are greeted by local history and culture as they drift past gorgeous landscapes and architecture. Generally these boats travel at around 4 miles per hour and have very quiet engines, so passengers will be completely at ease feeling the gentle, soporific movements of the water whilst relaxing on the sun deck.

Free Time

One huge appeal of a river boat holiday is the flexibility of the schedule. On larger cruises where hundreds of people are being coordinated at any one time, itineraries and timings are very strict. When a small group charters a vessel, the itinerary is theirs to do with as they please. This means guests have the chance to spend more time doing whatever it is that they enjoy most.

Explore New Places

Barges are built to travel along canals and other small waterways, so they are able to access areas that large ships cannot reach. This means travellers have the unique opportunity to discover little known spots off the beaten track. Whatsmore, the boats are able to moor up almost anywhere along the canal. Guests can hop off the vessel and go for a leisurely walk or cycle along the towpath whenever they please.

Whether you are looking to enjoy a luxury holiday with loved ones or relax and indulge in history and culture, there really is something for everyone on a hotel barge cruise. The best way to book the perfect canal boat adventure is to book with a reputable company.

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