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Things That Are More Important Than Love

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Falling in love is such a beautiful thing in life, however, there are more important things in life to give a priority to before making a decision to be in a love relationship


Love may be one of the first priorities to you but when your life is in danger, how is that love going to be expressed at first instance? Do not risk living with a short-tempered man who physically abuses you at any little misunderstanding just because you each other.


When you start losing your sanity around people, kindly address this issue before moving into a relationship. And if you are already in one, take a break to sort yourself out. One as simple as mood swings can make you lose your mental health. Even relationship matters are sometimes so complex that you need high emotional intelligence and intellectual quotient to handle them not to mention if you are still mentally inconsistent.


Even the bible says there is no fear in love. Until the day fear leaves you, you are yet to attain peace of mind. You cannot keep struggling over accepting a man or woman your heart still doubts. For the sake of “till death do us part” please attain peace of mind before you eventually proceed to love and marriage.


Any man or a woman who can cause you to lose your salvation never loved you at first instance. One of the criteria of his or her love towards you is that he cherishes your salvation. Keep it!


For you to maintain spiritual sanctity you need to apply the Zoe life which also known as the God life. That is why it is important to go after a man or woman who not only is born again but also fears God. If the origination of love is from God, that means to live a life of love, you need to live the life of God.

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