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Businesses thrive by providing value to their customers which solves their needs. Most businesses that fail are founded and run on the owners’ need to make money and fulfill other selfish needs.


Let’s say you want to sell backstabbing stilettos for your haters, and you are thinking of a marvelous payout that will come from it. Because they have to buy the stilettos, right? I mean, they match their characters, yes?

Just a little thing you should have in mind: solving a need in the target market by providing value is what will bring you the good amount of mullah that you deserve.


Enter The Fastlane Commandment of Need (primarily inspired by MJ Demarco’s The Millionaire Fastlane).


Businesses satisfy the needs of the people, who, in this case, are the target market. In other words, businesses add value to customers to generate their revenues. We would have to evaluate the need of our haters to need backstabbing stilettos based on the value the goods provide to them for what they do best: backstab. 


While looking at establishing or expanding a business, many people will look at their own needs. They will say something like, “Yup. I’m starting a food truck because I am broke and need some cash.” or “I read a book that says you have to start a business right away.” The main problem with such views is that the business person focuses on their needs and completely forgets the market needs. Their food truck might want to sell anything that brings a profit, while the customers want their tailored combinations of meals. Simply, they lose out of the business in the medium to long term.


As your trusty sidekick in these things, I would like to interest you in chasing needs instead of money. I know that Ferrari Portofino sounds terrific on the highway and that THEY said you would never amount to anything. Oh yeah? Let’s make the haters buy some backstabbing stilettos. Instead of looking at how much money we are making from this, let’s look at our hater’s pain points. They don’t want us to succeed; they are bitter. They have a problem, and that’s where our opportunity kicks in. 


How do we identify their pain points? They told a friend of our friend’s friend that they are so ready to backstab us but don’t know how. Bam! I think we know how? They must have posted on WhatsApp that they needed to cut some people off, and based on the description; it sounded like they were referring to us. That means they needed poisonous knives that we could find a way to provide. We have links with the organizations, remember? They also declared that the world is their oyster. We might suggest some ingredients such as French Chablis and champagne vinegar to prepare the oyster at their service. 


Can we create a need that didn’t exist before and solve it? Absolutely. While thinking about the bigger picture, our haters or customers at this point (LOL!) might not know that they need sweets as dessert after enjoying their oyster. We could interest them. They might also need a snakeskin belt to control their anger. Did they know they needed those? Probably not. Thanks to the exploding consumer culture due to capitalism across the globe, businesses can interlink aspects of modern and traditional products and services to create a new market need. Consumers did not know they needed e-sports when they were first introduced. Fast forward to today, e-sports is a billion-dollar industry.


Remember, we have to consider constantly connecting with our hateful customers to interest them in new products and services they might need. That way, we can keep an eye on the emergent needs and be the first to solve them before the market is crowded. By considering the commandment of need, we can avoid, “What business can I start with $2 and earn $50 per month?”, “I have a friend who sells homemade soap. How do you think I can make money doing that?” and my personal favorite, “How can I make passive income?”

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