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How to Choose the Best Foot Massager for Circulation

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Choosing the best foot massager for circulation or plantar fasciitis or peripheral neuropathy is very simple. Here are the criteria to consider in order :


The power of the accessory

The power of Shiatsu foot massagers is usually between 10 and 100 W. Standard models often have a power of 10 W and do not suggest any fastidious option. On the other hand, the improved models have higher power and can combine quite a few massage methods, as well as many additional functions.


The comfort of use of the device

In order for a foot massager to be effective, the user must be able to use it without constraint and without pain. However, the shape of some massagers is not really suitable for the ankles, while others do not offer enough space for you to put your feet on it without hurting or feeling discomfort. It is mandatory to verify that the shape and the covering of the footrest of the device permit it to be used with ease and without any complexity. In addition, it is also necessary to think about the weight of the device, and finally, in the particular case of an electrical Shiatsu device, it will be necessary that its cable is long enough.


Accessory autonomy

The autonomy of use is a determining factor in the choice of a foot massager. If you want to enjoy your massage alone and quietly, you will opt for an electric device. Otherwise, it will be a mechanical device. The type of massage offered by the device to be purchased We must also ask ourselves what type of foot massage we want to benefit from. To simply relax after a hard day’s work or a long walk, a standard model will do. But if you want to have a massage using modern techniques, then it will be a shiatsu massage device like the Renpho foot massager machine with heat, and if you also want to be entitled to beauty treatments, you will have to choose the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis, peripheral neuropathy, diabetics, and circulation.


Types of massage, cushion, and heat

Shiatsu massage means kneading with the fingers, palms, and thumbs. Like the massage seats, these devices with their different balls reproduce this massage identically. If massage can provide a feeling of well-being, the blood circulation problem must also be taken into account. By lightly compressing the feet and heating them, in addition to the massage, the entire foot area is treated. The massage coupled with heat and compression can then have a positive impact on the circulation in the lower part of the leg.


Foot sizes

It is essential to watch, especially if they are machines in which we insert the feet if they are adapted to your size. Indeed, some foot passage devices are more intended for small feet, while others will allow people wearing size 45 to put their feet there. If you do not find any indication on this subject on the manufacturer’s product sheet, we can only advise you to opt for a machine in the form of a platform. You will then be able to access the pleasure of massage, whatever your foot size.


Budget and brand

There are several models of foot massagers. It is thus possible to find devices that work by coupling massage with hydrotherapy. For classic devices, as we have just described them in this buying guide, you can find around $100, offering shiatsu massage. Others, with remote control, more adjustment possibilities exceed $150.

Some brands of best foot massagers for plantar fasciitis are recognized to bring very good body care and wellness devices. By purchasing their products, you often have the guarantee of finding functional devices, without the purchase price is very expensive. One of the advantages of choosing this type of sign is that they often offer a guarantee on their products. This can reassure the purchaser.

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