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Fun Activities To Exercise Your Brain

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All parts of our body age, including our brain. As time goes by, memory starts playing tricks on us, reasoning gets slower and slower, and the ability to understand information and establish relationships is also lost.

Even in people who do not suffer from neurological problems, such as Alzheimer’s, it is possible to notice a drop in brain capacity over the years.

However, there are some fun activities that can help slow this process down. Meet 7 of them and start practicing them now:

1 – Read for pleasure

It doesn’t matter if it’s a magazine, an eighteenth-century novel or a news story, reading is a pleasant way to exercise your brain. It stimulates the formation of new brain connections and increases the ability to absorb information. Reading also improves memory and exercises the parts of the brain associated with the imagination.

2 – Play an instrument

For years, researchers have been emphasizing the benefits of music lessons for children’s development. According to scientists, they are able to improve memory, increase the ability to solve problems and also stimulate the growth of gray matter. In addition, children who play instruments have better logical reasoning and easier to solve calculations and equations.

 In adolescents, adults and the elderly, learning to play an instrument can have similar effects.

 3 – Practice physical exercise

During physical exercise, the body releases a protein called BDNF into the bloodstream, capable of stimulating nervous growth, improving memory and the ability to concentrate. So, set aside some time in your day to practice any type of physical activity.

 4 – Learn a new language

While learning a new language, we are simultaneously exercising 4 regions of our brain. For this reason, studies indicate that people fluent in more than one language have a higher volume of gray matter in the brain regions responsible for language. In addition, they are also able to focus on two activities at the same time, have better memory and greater planning capacity.

 5 – Invest in cumulative learning

Cumulative learning is linked to any task that requires a stepwise process. Mathematics is an example of cumulative learning, as it starts with basic accounts, going through medium level topics until reaching highly complex equations. According to experts, this method helps to exercise memory and increase the ability to solve problems.

 In adulthood we learn less through the cumulative method. The tip is to use your free time to resume these activities and get back to exercising your brain.

 6 – Games, letter soups and puzzles

Imagine that the brain is a computer. The more information, programs and software we install, the more functions it will be able to perform. Crosswords, puzzles, riddles and strategy games, such as chess, and even electronic games function as “brain software”, which stimulate the accumulation of new functions and information.

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