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Do You Need To Save? Avoid These 7 Practices While You Work

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Your work is synonymous with income but also with expenses. From commuting to the office to eating daily represents money to which you say ‘goodbye’ but that, with intelligence and making the right movements, you can reduce.

Saving is essential to secure your future or achieve a goal that you have set for yourself, such as traveling or having the initial of your new car. And believe it or not, making small changes in your routine can increase that amount that you will allocate to these plans.

Here are some ways you waste money on the job without realizing it. How are you going to correct it?

1.- Eating out.

Lunchtime is the time when you spend the most money, especially if you go out to eat daily on the street. Take the time to prepare something simple at home or, if you have no choice, choose a restaurant that offers cheap alternatives.

2.- Do not save.

If you are one of the people who have money on the card and spends it almost without realizing it, the best thing you can do is open an additional account and transfer part of your salary as soon as it is deposited. You will save almost without realizing it and you will have less money to waste on the card.

3.- Transporting you badly.

Think about it, is it worth it to pay a taxi if you can get out a few minutes early and walk a few blocks? Is it worth spending on gas and parking when you can travel by public transport? By making small changes to your office routine, you can save some money.

4.- Not understanding what you do with it.

Do you know what the interest on the loans you asked for? How does the mutual fund where you put your money work? What does AFP do with your contribution? If you understand everything that happens with your money, it will be easier for you to put it in the place that generates the most profit for you.

5.- Not taking advantage of the benefits.

Some companies offer additional benefits to their employees such as restaurant discounts, coupons, special sales, etc. Find out if yours gives that option and which ones you could take to save some money.

6.- Lending it.

The simplest way to lose money if you give it to the wrong person. If you are one of the charitable people who does not mind lending some cash, think carefully to whom you will give it and if you have enough confidence to collect when necessary.

7.- Not keeping track of your expenses.

The mid-morning coffee, the chocolates after lunch, the mid-afternoon chips

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