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If you: Feel a little bound up everywhere

Try: Foam rolling like you mean it

woman foam rolling

Foam rolling has caught on with the general public in recent years—a good thing—but as with most things in fitness, the more that people do an activity, the more they do it incorrectly.

For example, plenty of people roll back-and-forth against the roller too quickly to get any benefit, according to Dean Somerset, a certified exercise physiologist and author.

“The key to foam rolling effectively is to go fairly slow, and when an area feels very tense it should be even slower,” explains Somerset. “I’m talking glacial migration patterns slow, like a foot-a-year kind of thing.”

Another common mistake? Using one of the crazy-dense, crazy-intense rollers that have been growing in popularity.

The issue with them is that, unless you’re conditioned to foam rolling, the additional pressure they inflict causes your muscles to tense up, which is pretty much the opposite of what you’re trying to do when you foam roll.

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