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5 Qualities of the Best Massage Therapy Spa

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Massage therapy is a great way to de-stress and center. If you’re new to massage therapy here are 5 ways to find the best massage therapy spa in Orem.

Relaxing Atmosphere

The last thing you want is to come into a spa for a relaxing massage and be met with a chaotic atmosphere. Spas that have gentle, soothing music playing and inviting aromas from essential oils or candles make a massage therapy experience worthwhile and therapeutic.

Strong Client Focus

When you get a massage, you want all the attention to be on you. A therapist who is distracted by their phone or other clients is not the therapist for you. As soon as you walk through the doors and get on the table, you should bet the therapist’s main focus.


Hygiene and sanitation is very important. You don’t want your therapeutic experience to leave you with a cold because the table wasn’t washed correctly. If you walk into a massage center and see that the center is noticeably dirty, reconsider giving this spa your business.

Proper Training and Credentials

A massage therapist should have excellent credentials. While anyone can call themselves a masseuse that doesn’t mean they have had the proper training. When you visit a new spa, ask the center what certifications they require from their massage therapists. Make sure that the therapist you visit knows the proper techniques to make sure you’re not injured during the therapy session.

Interpersonal Skills

Lastly, you want your experience to be enjoyable. Just like doctors need to have bedside manners, so do massage therapists. If the therapist you’re visiting isn’t pleasant or treats you poorly, report this immediately and take your business elsewhere. You deserve better.

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