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10 Attitudes That Toxic Parents Have

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Well, yes, believe it or not, there are selfish, narcissistic parents who only think of themselves, who even envy the achievements of their own children and try to lower them, humiliate them, minimizing their successes, in order to always be above them .

According to this specialists, these are the 10 characteristics of a toxic parent. Do you recognize yourself in any of them?

1. Attack your children physically and psychologically.

They use physical and psychological punishment indiscriminately. They are the parents who constantly tell their children that they are worth nothing.

2. They use destructive criticism.

These are criticisms that only serve to humiliate the son, full of negative connotations towards her. They often humiliate him in front of others.

3. They present themselves as victims of their children.

In front of others, their children are rebellious, disobedient, and mistreat their parents. On many occasions they justify their actions by ensuring that their children are unbearable.

4 . They are manipulative parents.

Able to lie to get their children to do whatever they want.

5. They use affective blackmail.

In exchange for a little affection, children must endure psychological abuse. They manage to create an emotional dependency. In some cases they do it with excess of affection. At the opposite pole, the absent parents, who bring love to their children with droppers.

6. They are overly demanding parents.

They ask for more than what the child is capable of giving.

7. They are usually dictatorial parents.

Authoritarian to the point of choosing your child’s friends, partner or professional future. They use fear to control children.

8. They compete with children.

 In a way, they envy them.

9. They use ‘heavy’ jokes as an attack on them, to constantly expose them.

10. Last and not least, they are often jealous of anyone who makes them happy.

Toxic parents are very negative for children, but especially for themselves. So they must learn to open their eyes and not reject the possibility that they are making big mistakes. Learn to identify these attitudes to end them now.

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